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Wen Hui, Male, birth in 1971,Tsinghua university,master degree
Beijing Tsinghua solar co.,ltd. president
Beijing Tsinghua solar systems co.,ltd. president
Beijing Yadu indoor environmental protection technology co., ltd.
vice president
Beijing Youth committee,
Beijing Young entrepreneurs association, vice President
Tsinghua University MBA alumni association,
vice president & executive deputy secretary general
Tsinghua university students entrepreneur mentor
Tsinghua university MBA alumni mentor

Yin Zhiqiang ,Male,birth in 1935,Tsinghua University professor
Chief scientist of Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co.,Ltd
Director of chinese solar thermal application committee
Chief editor of “solar energy”magazine
The owner of many national and international awards

Li Xuguang,Male,birth in 1975,Tsinghua University,MBA
Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co.,Ltd. assistant president, vice chief engineer.
2008,China light industry federation science and technology excellent award
Sixth international invention exhibition gold award
Beijing first light industry group progress prize in science and technology
2009,china solar thermal application industry excellent youth manager
China light industry association science and technology progress second prize

Sun Bin, Male, birth in 1982,Tsinghua University,MBA
Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co.,Ltd. vice president,
2005,joined Haier group,worked in logistics boost headquarters,IT Business Unit,PSI etc.
Worked as PSI-GO&ACG operation manager,have rich management and execute experience in supply chain processes and systems
2012,joined Gome group,worked as senior architects and vice director in information center

Li Qi
Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co.,Ltd. Vice president and chief financial officer,
2001,July,graduated from Dongbei University of Finance,management bachelor,
2013, postgraduate in Renmin University of China, business college,
senior accountant, Ambridge advanced financial management (CFO) certification,
2012, worked as chief finance officer in Beijing Tsinghua solar
2014,worked as vice president in Beijing Tsinghua soalr