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Technical Support Engineer:


1. Coordinate with the project team manager to complete the project monthly and annual tasks;

2. Work with the Design Institute and Party A program design;

3. Evaluate project bids, supervise project construction management, project business negotiations, project after-sales service coordination.

Job Requirements:

1. Key: HVAC or related professional experience in construction environment;

2. 1-2 years of relevant work experience. Solar industry experience is preferred;

3. Education: HVAC professional college or related, other professional undergraduate.

Technical Support Engineer (Undergraduate):

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the technical solution design of the project;

2. Assist in business negotiation and technical consultation and bidding in the process of bidding;

3. Assist in the construction management of the project site, follow up the construction progress and construction quality.

Job requirements:

1. Key: Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Project Cost Management

2. Undergraduate Student

3. Skilled user of AutoCAD, Solidworks and similar software

Structural Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Participate in the process of new product development and improvement of old products for solar energy products;

Responsible for product drawing, process planning, product trial production.

Job Requirements:

1. Machinery manufacturing and automation, construction environment and equipment engineering and related majors;

2. Skilled user of Solidworks, Pro / E, AutoCAD and other application software;

3. Strong sense of responsibility and can work in a high pressure environment.

Project Sales Manager

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the sales targets of the responsible regions, for formulating market strategies and implementing plans;

2. Exploit the solar energy engineering market and tap and maintain customer resources;

3. Analyze customer needs, provide solutions, and complete engineering project negotiation, bidding, and contract signing;

4. Follow up the construction progress of the project, implement the payment in each stage, and complete the monthly and annual sales tasks.

Job Requirements:

1. At least 3 years sales experience in related industries such as solar energy, central air-conditioning, building materials, and sewage treatment;

2. Proactive, resilient, with solid negotiation skills;

3. Can travel frequently, adapt to changes and other business development circumstances;

4. Priority is given to government-related resources such as real estate, design institutes, and construction committees.