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Highly sophisticated expert technical team

Yin Zhiqiang, chief scientist of Huaye Sunshine Company and professor of electronic engineering at Tsinghua University, invented the magnetron sputtering “Al-N/Al” selective absorption coating after several years of hard work, and made the world’s first patent with this invention patent. The all-glass vacuum solar collector tube with commercial value--"Tanning" tube, which converts 91% of sunlight into heat, has a thermal emission ratio of not higher than 0.07, obtains national patent, and leads the world in performance. Unanimous recognition at home and abroad. Professor Yin Zhiqiang became the world's solar energy “The Achievement Through Action Award” at the World Solar Conference held in Orlando, Florida, USA in 2005 with his outstanding contributions to solar thermal applications. The only winner of the memorial of Christopher A. Weeks is honored as the leader of China's solar thermal utilization industry.

Huaye Sunshine has formed a strong R&D team that combines the old, middle and young, led by Professor Yin Zhiqiang. Knowledge structure, professional structure, and ability structure can complement each other and complement each other. At present, there are 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 1 doctor, more than 20 masters, and nearly 30 senior titles. They form a good age ladder structure, and the members' age tends to be younger. At the same time, the company also has a group of key engineers, and also has the relevant professional knowledge of electronics, physics, business management, finance, etc. required to engage in the production and operation of solar water heater enterprises. The professional structure is reasonable, the knowledge structure level is high, and it has the largest in the industry. The most advanced technical strength.

Technology creates quality, responsibility leads to the future

Huaye Sunshine's high-efficiency, high-reliability, phase-change glass heat pipe solar water heating system mainly develops a phase-change all-glass heat pipe vacuum solar collector tube. This type of heat collecting tube is added on the basis of ordinary all-glass vacuum solar collector tube. A condensation end having the same outer diameter as the inner tube draws a cavity composed of the condensation end and the inner tube into a vacuum while injecting an appropriate amount of the working medium. The heat is transferred from the inside of the heat collecting tube to the condensation end and even to the heat collecting and heat accumulating device. The innovation has obtained a number of patents and applied for Hong Kong patents and PCT patents.

While innovating and developing products, Huaye Sunshine has also innovated and developed the production process of high-efficiency and high-reliability phase-change glass heat pipes: the addition of the condensing end sealing head and the nozzle process; the addition of the condensation end and the inner wall of the inner tube The cleaning process increases the docking process of the condensation end and the sealing end of the heat collecting tube; the vacuuming of the inner tube cavity and the working process of the working medium are added. This process is the original technology of Tsinghua Sunshine, reaching the international leading level.

At the same time, due to the creative determination of the structure, working quality and quality of the all-glass heat pipe vacuum solar collector tube, in order to realize this new structure and ensure the accurate perfusion of trace medium, the technical team has developed an automatic sealing machine and automatic perfusion. Patented equipment such as machine, outer tube cleaning machine, automatic continuous exhaust production line, automatic baking machine, heat collecting tube cover tube and tail tube automatic docking machine. The research and development of these equipments fills the blank of phase change glass heat pipe manufacturing equipment and enhances the set. The level of heat pipe manufacturing equipment and the level of automation have promoted the technological advancement of the heat collecting pipe equipment technology, and further optimized and upgraded the entire solar heat utilization industrial structure to reach the international leading level.

The glory of the peak

Huaye Sunshine has obtained more than 100 patents in the field of solar thermal utilization. It has all the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology of solar water heaters. As the leading unit, it drafted or participated in the drafting of more than 30 national standards. The company has 71 valid patents, among which There are 8 invention patents; the company has 50 effective trademarks, and is responsible for formulating 6 national standards, 5 have been promulgated, and 1 is under development; 24 have participated in the formulation of national standards, 15 have been promulgated, and 8 are under development; 2 international standards were formulated, 2 were involved in the formulation of 4 industry standards, 1 was issued, 3 were under development; 1 was involved in the formulation of local standards and has been promulgated.