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Tsinghua University start to research “all glass evacuated solar collector tube and solar collector” this task


Tsinghua University president Liu Da (middle), managing vice president,

Deng Zhisheng (right third) attend appraising meeting about evacuated soalr tube and solar collector.


Tsinghua University, electronic engineering department,Mr Yin Zhiqiang,invite world first single target magnetron sputtering to make the Al-N-Al solar selective absorbing coating.


all glass evacuated solar collector tube to be produced in Beijing vacuum film equipment factory


No.44,Chengfu road, Haidian district, Beijing Tsinghua solar salesroom(Tsinghua solar former )


use the horizontal type coating machine to produce all glass evacuated solar collector tube in Beijing vacuum film equipment factory


First annual output 900,000 pcs in china, all glass evacuated solar collector tube production line run in Tsinghua University south gate.


The first domestic solar thermal product specialization, large-scale research production units- Tsinghua university solar electronics factory, implement government support of "production, study and research" project.


Vertical front-open door magnetron sputtering coating machine,utilization rate of aluminum cathode increased four times, designed by Li Yunsong,Zheng Shimin, etc


Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co.,Ltd.is founded,world’s first “all glass evacuated solar collector tube”country standard is implemented,Four of the five drafters are from Tsinghua solar


First annual production capacity 300,000 sets solar water heater automatic production line is completed


2001 Tsinghua solar won National Award for Technological Invention


2002 Tsinghua solar increase capital and share,Beijing First Light Industry Holding Co Ltd and Beijing Capital Steel Stock Co Ltd joined in the shares


Tsinghua solar research new thin film tube,Zijin brand.meanwhile,Tri-tube invented in this year become milestone in the development of solar water heater.


2004 Build up the world’s largest all glass evacuated solar colllector tube production base,annual production capacity 10,000,000pcs.


2004 professor Yin Zhiqiang lead to research all glass heat pipe,Li Xuguang lead to complete automatic production line of this pipe


2007 Beijing World Solar Congress was held by Tsinghua Solar and Chinese Renewable Energy Society,which is applied for by Yin Zhiqiang and Kong Li represented as Chinese Renewable Energy Society in 2003.


Tsinghua Solar invest to build up Henan Hugsun solar co.,ltd


Tsinghua Solar world first automatic collector tube production line is completed


Multiple solar energy space heating systems research successfully.and pass Beijing provincial appraisal.


International standard organization Solar technology standard council(ISO/TC 180)2014 annual meeting, Global Solar Certification meeting and The international energy agency 43th research Task meeting of solar heating refrigeration committee(the IEA SHC Task 43) are supported by Tsinghua Solar.