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Work together for a win-win situation! Huaye Sunshine 2019 "Product Promotion and Investment Promotion Conference" was successfully held
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On March 16, 2019, Huaye Sunshine 2019 “Product Promotion and Investment Promotion Conference” was successfully held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center International Hotel. Distributors and agents from all over the country gathered to witness the business results of Huaye Sunshine. In-depth discussion on the direction of future development and cooperation on a wider range of forms in the next step. Wang Shui, deputy secretary-general of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, Zhao Juan, Vice President of Qidi Clean Energy Group, Zhao Juan, General Manager of Huaye Sunshine, Yan Jiaoping, General Manager of Huaye Sunshine and General Manager of Distributed Energy Division, Huaye Sunshine Chen Haijing, general manager and general manager of the marketing department, and other leaders attended the meeting. Yu Peng, director of Huaye Sunshine Strategic Customer Center, presided over the meeting.

Wang Shui, deputy secretary-general of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of China Energy Conservation Association, made a detailed analysis of the development of Beijing coal-to-electricity business and the development prospect of air-source heat pump products in recent years. He said that the air source heat pump played an irreplaceable role in the work of coal reform and clean energy in Beijing in recent years. It can effectively achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, prevent pollution, improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, and provide users with clean and environmental protection. Heating experience. With the increasing demand for the heating market in the southern region, compared with ground source heat pumps and gas fireplaces, air source heat pumps can be used immediately, which can effectively reduce grid investment, and is not restricted by regions and regions, and can be used as users. A quality choice for a warm and comfortable life. Wang Shui also said that according to policy requirements, in the next five years, China's air source heat pump heating area will reach 500 million square meters, and the market capacity will reach 5 million units. For the 2+26 cities, 11 cities in the plains and 12 pilot cities, the central financial subsidies will continue, and the air source heat pump market will have a lot of room for development. In addition, depending on the geographical and user habits, the demand for heat pump hot air heaters and regenerative electric heaters in other provinces and cities will continue to grow. I hope that Huaye Sunshine can seize the opportunity and continue to play its own advantages in the field of clean energy. Make better results.

Chen Haijing, deputy general manager of Huaye Sunshine and general manager of the marketing department, later spoke. He said that the country attaches great importance to clean energy work. According to policy planning, it is expected that there will be a huge outbreak in China's heating market in the next three years. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enlighten Clean Energy Group, Huaye Sunshine can obtain a strong endorsement from Enlighten Holdings and Enlighten Clean Energy Group, which will help establish a good connection with local governments and explore more project resources. Secondly, enlighten Clean Energy Group It has the most comprehensive technology chain in China's clean energy field and has strong capital strength. Everyone in Huaye Sunshine can not only get cooperation in product and technology, but also extend cooperation in investment and operation. While making the “Tsinghua Sunshine” brand bigger and stronger, partners can also achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Subsequently, Huaye Sunshine Chief Engineer Zhang Jianli and Technical Service Center Director Liu Lixin showed the "Tsinghua Sunshine" household/commercial air source heat pump cooling and heating two-way supply products, solar energy + industrial waste heat from the product and case. The soil source cross-season energy storage system, solar energy + air energy tobacco drying system and related application scenarios, the dealers and agents present here are deeply attracted by the above sharing, and bow down and take notes carefully from time to time. The applause is constant and the atmosphere is very warm.

Then, Yan Tongping, deputy general manager of Huaye Sunshine and general manager of the Distributed Energy Division, stepped on the stage to share the basic situation of the distributed energy business. Yan said that Huaye Sunshine relies on Enlighten Clean Energy Group, the technology route is mature and perfect, and the financial strength is strong. It can provide users with comprehensive services such as heating, cooling, hot water, electricity and steam through investment in operating distributed energy station business. Successfully applied in actual cases. In the next step, we hope to cooperate with our partners to carry out communication and continuous cooperation through projects such as investment, EPC and long-term operation, mutual benefit and build a better future.

Zhao Juan, vice president of Qidi Clean Energy Group and general manager of Huaye Sunshine, made a concluding speech. She said that after more than 20 years of development, Huaye Sunshine has accumulated a lot of experience in solar thermal utilization and heating and cooling product system integration and comprehensive solutions. The "solar +" multi-energy complementary system developed on this basis has gradually gained market attention, and the development of technology is promising. In addition, Huaye Sunshine and Qidi Energy and Environment Joint Research Institute have always maintained close cooperation. The advanced technologies of Tsinghua University and some higher education institutions have been transformed into the market through Huaye Sunshine and finally brought to market, and in order to better serve the market and the vast majority. The partners provided services. The company carried out a new organizational restructuring in 2019: a strategic customer center was set up to build a strong bridge between the company and the agent; the technical service center was integrated, and a system design, project cost, and contract signing were provided. Long service; set up project management department to strive for greater benefits through careful management. If there is support from partners, project management department personnel can also serve the front line. In addition, Huaye Sunshine relies on Enlighten Clean Energy Group and has unique advantages in capital. At present, many banks and fund companies are negotiating cooperation, hoping to strengthen cooperation and win-win results.

Mr. Zhao also said that Huaye Sunshine has always enlightened the three-dimensional three-helix development concept of “technology + capital + industry”, and promoted the company's clean energy business through the effective integration of the three parties to achieve value added and efficiency improvement. I hope that more people of insight can go hand in hand with Huaye Sunshine to seek more opportunities and create more value in the wave of clean energy development.

At the end of the meeting, Wang Yanjun, Director of the Northern Region, Yang Guangyu, Director of the Central and Western Region, and Jia You, Director of the Southern Region, each staged the platform, and introduced the business development and further cooperation needs of different regions to the partners. The agents and distributors present here. They all said that they hope that there will be more detailed talks after the meeting to explore more opportunities for cooperation

With the coming of the wind and cooling sector in China, the market competition will be more intense, and the fleeting opportunities will only be left to the handcuffs. Huaye Sunshine has unique advantages in terms of brand, technology, capital and service. It can provide partners with a variety of forms of cooperation to help them obtain higher value, on-demand products and system solutions. Capture new business opportunities and new models and continue to increase profit opportunities. Professionals, distributors and agents interested in the field of heating and cooling are welcome to join Huaye Sunshine, which is a strong combination and mutual benefit.

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