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2019 "Who is fighting for the front" Huaye Sunshine Cup third badminton tournament ended in passion
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On July 26th, the 20th "Who is fighting for the front" organized by Huaye Sunshine Trade Union, the third badminton tournament of Huaye Sunshine Cup was led by Chen Juan, vice president of Qidi Clean Energy Group, Zhao Yang, general manager of Huaye Sunshine, and Chen Haijing, executive deputy general manager. Passionate to start the game. The team members put on the uniform uniforms, smashed the shoes, and shot them out to see who is the strongest king!

The competition is divided into ABC three preliminaries, a set of finals, using doubles form, personal points system promotion. Each point is invaluable and determines whether the team members will receive the final honor. In order to enter the game in the best condition, everyone is actively warming up and testing the ball before the game. Everyone has a confident smile on their faces. The game has not yet officially started. The high morale has already permeated the entire stadium.

Ok, warm up is over~ the game is officially starting!

I saw a lot of white balls flying on the court, sometimes like a bullet, and sometimes like a string of arrows, the players are flashing one by one, attacking and defending freely, struggling to shoot, the more the more brave!

The colleagues in this competition include both skilled and experienced employees, as well as small white-level players who entered the company. Such a combination of partners is both hot and difficult. Colleagues as old players are more responsible for controlling the overall situation, while new people with poor technical skills are trying hard to listen to the old players, remembering every skill they teach, and training themselves in a round of competition. Isn’t this kind of picture the spirit of educating people who has always been inherited by Huaye Sunshine? This spirit is the precious wealth of Huaye Sunshine, shaping the common ideological quality of the Sunshine people; this spirit is also a kind of power, deeply integrated into the company's various businesses and various links, laying a good cultural atmosphere for the company's scientific development. And a solid foundation.

Driven by this kind of atmosphere, no matter whether it is a new person or an old employee, everyone has tried their best to fight hard, and strive to create a series of wonderful actions such as blocking the net, hanging the ball in front of the net, killing, etc. Strong fighting power and cohesion.

After more than two hours of fierce fighting, the individual champions and runners-up were born. Although they are sweating and exhausted, they have won the prizes for their friendship and joy. They are happy to take a group photo~

The badminton tournament was successfully completed. During the competition, we were youthful and united and forged ahead; we sweated and worked hard; we laughed and laughed, and we were confident and strong. The significance of the competition is not only to provide a platform for colleagues to show their strength, but more importantly to promote mutual exchanges, in order to encourage more Huaye Sunshine people to explore in the future work and life through the spirit of hard work in badminton. The first wave of competition!

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