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Sunshine always slams "Tsinghua Sunshine" solar typhoon Lichma disaster relief after the storm
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Sunshine always slams "Tsinghua Sunshine" solar typhoon Lichma disaster relief after the storm

In early August, the strong typhoon "Likima" was landed by Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, which attracted heavy rainfall and 8-10 winds, causing serious economic losses to nearby provinces and cities, and people's lives were also greatly affected. At the same time, the strong typhoon weather also caused many solar water heaters on the roof of many communities to fall to the ground, some were blown off the brackets, and the others were swaying in the eaves, posing a major safety hazard.

It is imperative to solve product problems as quickly as possible for all affected users and eliminate potential safety hazards. As a leading company in the solar thermal utilization industry, Huaye Sunshine is firmly committed to the mission of clean energy leaders, and is also determined to hold corporate responsibility on the shoulders. In the face of the raging of Liqima, the company and the agents in Zhejiang Province got in touch for the first time. On the one hand, they understood the difficulties they faced, actively coordinated resources and gave support, and encouraged agents to overcome difficulties and accept them as soon as possible. Damage users to solve product problems and resume normal use.

"The typhoon was really bad. My car was flooded and I couldn't drive it. The glass door of the store was also washed away by the big water. I had to rely on the boat to get in. I couldn't operate normally. The loss was quite good. Seriously." General Manager Lu, who has been working with the company for many years in Wenling, Taizhou, couldn’t help but sigh when he mentioned the disaster. He said that the typhoon and heavy rains did give users who use solar water heaters. As a "Tsinghua Sunshine" brand agent, despite the difficulties, he took the time to clean up the store and start business on the second day of the rain and rain, and carried out after-sales maintenance for the customers who came to repair. When asked why he was so anxious and did not rest for a few more days, he said that the "Tsinghua Sunshine" solar water heaters have always had good reputation among users in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and their sales are stable. The company has always been adhering to the "sunshine service warm home" after-sales concept, this time the disaster, the company also timely delivered 500 collector tubes for him as a firm service guarantee. As an agent, on the basis of agreeing with the company's brand and products, he naturally has to spare no effort to support and implement the relevant after-sales service concept. He wants the customer to think, the urgency of the customer, there are more difficulties to put the customer's needs on First, the good reputation of the “Tsinghua Sunshine” brand will always be implemented.

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