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[Huaye Sunshine Coal to Power Report Series] Fangshan Project Department
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Autumn has arrived, the weather is getting colder, in order to enable the people in Fangshan District to get rid of the extensive, low-efficiency, high-emission coal-fired heating method as soon as possible, improve air quality, and achieve clean winter heating, enlighten the clean energy group (formerly Tsinghua Sunshine) Subsidiary Huaye Sunshine, as the bid-winning enterprise of coal-to-village in Fangshan District, has been actively carrying out the task of reconstruction and construction since May, helping the Fangshan District to achieve the goal of “reducing coal for coal and clean air” as soon as possible.

Time is tight and the task is heavy.

The “coal-to-electricity” project in Fangshan District involves nearly 70,000 households, including the North Fourth Village, Xizhuanghu, Shangwan, Dayuan, Majiagou, Shiti and Bean in Qinglonghu Town, Huayuan Sunshine The seven villages in Zhuang, involving nearly 5,000 households, are the areas with the largest installed capacity in the company's coal-to-electricity project. The project construction tasks are expected to be completed by the end of September.

The project mainly provides the installation and after-sales service of the air source heat pump heating system for the villagers. The heat pump adopts the medium and low temperature energy-saving heating method, and uses water as the circulating medium to dissipate heat through the indoor heat-dissipating end (floor heating coil, fan coil, radiator). It can work normally at low temperature of -25 °C, and can automatically adjust the water temperature according to the change of outdoor ambient temperature, so that the indoor temperature can be maintained at the specified temperature, fully satisfying the user's winter heating use, saving more than 75% compared with coal burning. Consumption is a new environmentally friendly, energy-saving household heating system.

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