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Huaye Sunshine Tongzhou District coal-to-electricity work was highly recognized by the district leaders
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Recently, Tongzhou District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and District Governor Zhang Bing, Deputy District Governor Wang Rock and Tongzhou District Rural Work Committee Director Liu Qingsheng, accompanied by relevant leaders, have come to one of Huaye Sunshine Coal to the Tongzhou Project The town Xinggezhuang Village visited and guided. During the visit, the leaders randomly entered the home to check the installation status of the equipment, and to understand in detail the renovation costs, operating costs, engineering and equipment quality, safety management, etc. The villagers gave high praise and feedback to the Tsinghua Sunshine brand. After listening to the work report of the project manager Wang Yanjun, he also fully affirmed Huaye Sunshine, saying that Huaye Sunshine has made rapid progress and high efficiency, and played a positive role in the 23 coal-to-electricity enterprises in Tongzhou District. During the heating season, we must make persistent efforts to accelerate the progress of the project on the premise of ensuring quality, and do our utmost to protect the heating of the people, so that the people in Tongzhou District can enjoy a warm and environmentally friendly winter.

Tongzhou District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and District Governor Zhang Bing entered the villagers' home exchanges

Liu Qingsheng, director of the Tongzhou District Rural Work Committee, and other leaders came to visit the villagers’ home.

Wang Yanjun, project manager, and the general manager of the Beijing Municipal Administrative Sub-center, An Pei, exchanged coal and electricity

Tongzhou District's coal-to-electricity work in 2017 involved about 46,000 households in seven townships, of which Huaye Sunshine was responsible for the renovation of about 1,800 households in seven towns in three towns, including Xinggezhuang in Qicheng Town. Wusong, Li Wei, Lingjia Temple, Xie Lou; Wuying in Jixian County and Dongjia Village in Taihu Town. As of October 18, about 2,100 heat pump systems have been installed and about 800 units have been commissioned, which meets the requirements of the project progress in the district and has been unanimously recognized and praised by the villagers and superiors.

The beginning of the game is not smooth, the brand is grounded

According to Wang Yanjun, the project manager, in the initial stage of the village transformation in July, due to the policy adjustment reasons, some villagers’ doubts and resistance were encountered. The cooperation degree of the village committee was also low, especially in several villages in the towns and cities. In order to get the transformation work on the right track as soon as possible and ensure the progress of the project on time, Wang Yanjun led the project team members Xia Lang, Xue Long and Wang Xingping to actively carry out strategic promotion work. Firstly, the brand will be promoted by village, patiently answer the villagers' questions about product energy consumption, noise, operational safety, etc., so that the people have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of Tsinghua Sunshine brand and products, gradually eliminate doubts and resistance; secondly, standard construction Create a good model room with your heart, so that the villagers can see and feel the Tsinghua Sunshine products with their own eyes, truly realize the running effect and improve the satisfaction. At the same time, the project department conducts a comprehensive household survey of the villagers' homes, and maintains good communication with the villagers to popularize the Tsinghua Sunshine brand. Through the above three orderly work, the villagers have raised their awareness and satisfaction with the Tsinghua Sunshine brand, and actively cooperated with the project department. The installation teams in each village have made concerted efforts and started the installation work in full swing.

Members of the project team went to the village to promote the hot summer

The members of the project department, from left to right, are: Xia Lang, Xue Long, Wang Yanjun, Wang Xingping

The construction of the problem is a solution.

At the beginning of Huaye Sunshine, it was only responsible for the renovation projects of the six villages in the towns of Qionglai and Qixian. In the process of creating the model room, the project department took a lot of troubles. Due to the inconsistent engineering standards issued by the district and the supervisory party, Wang Yanjun was in charge. Discussions with the parties on the construction plan, the installed system is dissatisfied with the reinstallation, repeated so, only to achieve the best installation results, so that the performance of the machine to the maximum extent.

Construction team members are seriously installing the system

After the acceptance of the model room, the installation teams in each village will quickly and negligently install the system with high quality and quantity, which greatly accelerates the construction progress. The superior leaders are very satisfied with the work style of Huaye Sunshine. With the attitude, the transformation work of Dongjia Village in Taihu Town was also handed over to the company. Many houses in Dongjiacun are 2-3 storey buildings, and the housing area is large. After the project department and the construction team studied, it was decided to adopt a parallel and series installation of multiple machines with relatively high difficulty and relatively few, and because Dongjiacun supervision party It is required that the power of each pump should not exceed 300 watts. If it is constructed according to the routine, it is necessary to exceed the standard, but these are difficult to meet the members of the project team who have gone through the battle, they take the sub-system, and several small pumps are used for circulation. Form, once again, solved the technical problem beautifully and ensured the smooth reconstruction of Dongjia Village.

Intensive construction site

At present, the project department of Huaye Sunshine Tongzhou District has basically completed the installation of the heat pump system. The next step will be to continue the commissioning work, which can be expected to be completed by the end of October, so that the people of Tongzhou can use the environmentally friendly heating system as soon as possible. Jinshan Yinshan is not as green as green mountains. In terms of environmental protection, Huaye Sunshine always takes the lead and continues to promote the development of the clean energy industry with a steady stream of technological innovation capabilities, giving the people of the motherland a blue sky.

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