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[Huaye Sunshine Coal to Power Series Report] Chaoyang Project Department
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With the Beijing Municipal Government actively promoting the prevention and control of air pollution, many “villages in the city” have also started the transformation project of coal to electricity. Among them, the coal-to-electricity project of the Miluoying Village in Wangsiying Township, Chaoyang District is under the responsibility of Huaye Sunshine. The company is committed to doing practical things for the people, developing green and clean energy, and creating a beautiful blue sky. Under the leadership of project manager Wang Jinxin, The renovation project began in full swing.

Attitude creates word of mouth, quality wins people's hearts

Juluoying Village is located in the southeast of Wangsiying Township, close to Beijing Coking Plant and Beijing Dyestuff Factory. The villagers are around 800 households. Due to the strong doubts and wait-and-see attitude of some villagers on coal-to-electricity projects, since the construction of the project department in July, they have faced various problems such as difficult construction and disputes among villagers. In the face of these situations, project manager Wang Jinxin led the project. On the one hand, the members actively established good and smooth communication with the village committee. In addition, they continued to walk away from home, patiently promoted the advantages of the villagers in promoting coal-to-electricity, introduced Tsinghua Sunshine brand and heat pump products, and listened to the opinions of the villagers. Adjust the construction plan, try to make the construction not disturb the people, and the neighborhood is happy.

Project manager Wang Jinxin came to the villagers' home to check and listen to the opinions of the villagers.

In this regard, the villager Zhang Ayi said that he is very satisfied: "Huaye Sunshine's staff is very good. Whether it is propagating for the people or listening to our opinions, they are very patient. Like my family, I have installed five coal-fired boilers every year. The coal is about ten tons. Our old couples are old and the legs and feet are inconvenient. It is a difficult problem to store coal in coal. It is now a problem with the air heat pump of Tsinghua Sunshine, which not only saves us coal. The cost is as comfortable and warm as it saves time and effort. It is really convenient. I am especially grateful to Tsinghua Sunshine for bringing us such a good product. I also recommended it with the neighbours of the neighborhood. In the end, they all chose Tsinghua Sunshine!"

The villager Zhang Ayi mentioned that Tsinghua Sunshine is full of praise.

Tsinghua Sunshine Air Heat Pump adopts medium and low temperature energy-saving heating mode, with water as the circulating medium, through the indoor heat-dissipating end (floor heating coil, fan coil, radiator) to dissipate heat, the system can work normally at -25 ° C low temperature, and According to the change of outdoor environment temperature, the water temperature is automatically adjusted to keep the indoor temperature at the specified temperature, which fully satisfies the user's winter heating use. Compared with coal burning, it can save more than 75% of energy consumption. It is a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving household heating system.

The hard work will be rewarded. As of the 5th of this month, the brand share of Tsinghua Sunshine Air Heat Pump has reached more than 50% in the village of Miluoying, which is far ahead of the other two peer companies, and the number of system installations has reached 75%. At the end of the month, it is expected to be officially completed and enter the commissioning phase.

Tsinghua Sunshine Air Heat Pump brand share has reached more than 50% in Miluoying Village

Patiently resolve conflicts, fully guarantee construction

Wang Jinxin, the project manager, said that due to the dense housing and the complicated relationship between the neighbors in the village, the project department must first coordinate with the village committee when conducting system installation work, communicate with the villagers from house to house, determine the installation location, and avoid neighborhood disputes. In the indoor system installation, try to remove the end equipment as quickly as possible, and cooperate with each other to minimize the impact on the daily life of the villagers and greatly improve the satisfaction of the villagers. Occasionally, however, the villagers will be dissatisfied afterwards and request re-installation. The project department will also conduct an assessment based on the actual situation and carry out the dismantling and reloading if conditions permit, although this process has affected the construction progress to some extent, but in the spirit of In the spirit of “for quality products, dry quality projects”, Manager Wang led the project team members and the construction team to patiently communicate with the villagers to ensure that the renovation project was pushed forward in an orderly and orderly manner.

The houses in the village of Miluoying are dense and the distance is tight, which adds great difficulty to the construction.

Construction team to install for the villagers

Manager Wang also introduced that because the distance between village houses in the village of Miluoying is tight, and some of the residents are two floors or even higher, most of the system installation locations are either upper houses or wall-mounted. Many outdoor unit systems must be moved from the stairs inside the house by humans, and the windows are removed and installed. There are also some users who do not have stairs, and they cannot remove the windows. They can only use the crane to carry out the construction. Invisibly, the construction period is extended and the construction difficulty is increased.

Wall system

Upper room installed system

The following private residence is nearly 8.9 meters high. It is necessary to install four heat pump systems in the front yard. Two of them need to be installed on the side of the building about 6 meters. This height is clearly required by the head of the household. First, it is afraid that the installation is too low to hinder the normal passage of others. Especially in winter, the cold wind blown out by the system is easy to affect the villagers in the past, and the neighborhood will be hurt. Second, the roof of the building is high and the indoor stairs cannot be The system was moved up, so it could not be placed on the roof and could only be hung on the outer wall.

In the face of immediate difficulties, the project team members did not simply pay attention to it, but specifically rented a scaffolding for construction, and all workers and construction materials must be one-on-one, under the heat of the summer, construction It took nearly five working days for the staff to install the two systems. The appearance is elegant and the standard installation effect makes the head of the household very satisfied.

In addition to Chaoyang District, Huaye Sunshine is also the designated service provider of “coal to electricity” in six urban and rural counties including Fangshan, Miyun, Haidian, Tongzhou, Changping and Shunyi. The popularity in the northern market has been fully rolled out. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enlighten Clean Energy Group, Huaye Sunshine relies on Tsinghua University's strong technical strength to promote and apply clean energy to every household, leading the industry's technological innovation and technological transformation, and creating green for all mankind. A bright future of environmental protection, health and harmony!

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