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Huaye Sunshine Coal Reformed by Miyun Project Department
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November and December are heavy pollution-prone seasons in northern China. In order to eliminate the "four crouches" in winter, better improve air quality, reduce smoke and dust emissions, and the people have a fresh environment, Huaye Sunshine Miyun project colleagues from the heat Extremely cold, not afraid of hardships, actively carry out the "coal to electricity" project transformation, so that the people of Miyun can completely bid farewell to the bituminous coal and use clean electricity.

Competition is fierce, sales are difficult, and coverage is heavy.

The “coal-to-electricity” in Miyun District involves about 13,000 households in 50 villages in 11 towns, and 12 brands participate in the competition. The intensity is even better than other “coal-to-electricity” districts and counties. In order to stand out from many competitors, the project manager of Huaye Sunshine Miyun District has adopted the following strategies: First, from the beginning of June, the project department will be led into various villages for publicity and promotion, and the questions raised by the villagers will be Tsinghua Sunshine Air. The heat pump was patiently explained from the performance to the use method. The project department members Li Mingming, Zhao Pu, and Zhang Junyi worked together with the dealers in the hot summer. They used the past one month to cover the 50 publicity work, and the daily delivery was near. 10,000 copies of product information enabled Tsinghua Sunshine brand to gain a firm footing. Secondly, the project department actively communicated with the village committee leaders in each village to help the sales team work in the village. At the same time, 26 villages were installed last year. The 1477 heat pump system has also entered the pre-operation maintenance stage. The product quality and related after-sales service rate is as high as 89%. It has improved the reputation of Tsinghua Sunshine brand and formed word of mouth, so that more villagers trust and choose Tsinghua Sunshine. Heat pump.

Members of the project department promoted the village in the hot sun


The hard work will be rewarded. As of October 31, the Tsinghua Sunshine heat pump system covers 36 villages in 8 towns of Miyun County, with an installed capacity of about 1,600 units and about 870 commissionings. Among them, Xitian Gezhuang Village and Donggezhuang Village have installed about 500 units, which are the two villages with the highest installed capacity; about 120 households in Guangming Village, about 60% of the households installed Tsinghua Sunshine heat pump, and the total heat pump sales ranks 12 The top 3 brands. Beautiful transcripts are inseparable from the efforts of the project department members, but also inseparable from the support of other business departments and related personnel. During the promotion period, due to the lack of staff in the project department, Zheng Huabin, the sales manager, led the department members Jia Ming and Liu He. Wu Taofeng, Wang Zhongxing, Li Zhiqiang and others gave strong support; regional distributors Zhang Zhengyong, Yu Xiangdong, salesman Li Qiang, etc. also paid a lot of hard work for sales promotion, calling for you, it is because of everyone’s common struggle Huaye Sunshine was able to move forward steadily in the “coal to electricity” project to achieve sustainable development.

Excellent quality and win the hearts of the people

Because the “coal-to-electricity” project in Miyun District covers a large number of villages and has a high degree of competitiveness, in order to achieve a smooth and orderly transformation process, it is small to villagers, village committees, large town leaders, agricultural committees, including many supervisors, measurement companies, etc. The project manager Qi Jun has always maintained close and good communication with them, and constantly adjusted the installation and commissioning progress according to the actual situation to ensure the satisfaction of the villagers and the improvement of the project.

According to the requirements of the Miyun District Agriculture Committee, the heat pump system should be installed on the house or on the wall as much as possible. However, many villagers are reluctant to install on the wall. The noise or vibration during the operation of the system will affect the rest, and the manager and project members will After going home, I will explain the villagers to the villagers and tell them that Tsinghua Sunshine's heat pump equipment is wrapped in silencer cotton with strong sound absorption capability, both internal and external. The hose connection can effectively reduce the noise of the equipment and prevent vibration from passing from the unit to the building and indoor pipeline. The villagers can use it with confidence. After learning about this, the villagers had a deeper trust in the heat pump of Tsinghua Sunshine, and the follow-up installation work went smoothly.

The construction team is busy installing the heat pump system

At the same time as the construction team was busy installing, the company's after-sales department was also fully fired. Due to the large number of villages to be responsible, the post-sales work could be carried out more smoothly. The department manager Zheng Huabin arranged the after-sales personnel to enter the construction team in advance and follow their villages. Conduct inspections, familiarize with the situation of each village, guide the construction team to carry out the system installation and commissioning work, find problems in time and feedback and deal with them, and realize “excellent products + excellent service”, truly let the people feel at ease and have a comfortable and comfortable winter.

Enter the villager's home to check the installed heat pump system

At present, the coal-to-electricity work in the Miyun project area is still in an orderly manner. The “coal-to-electricity” heating project has become a vigorous “low-carbon revolution”. The general trend of China’s low-carbon economy is being staged with passion. And Huaye Sunshine is fortunate to be a participant and witness. In the future, Huaye Sunshine will continue to promote the development of the clean energy industry and contribute to the development and utilization of clean energy and environmental protection in China and the world.

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