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"Working hard, I am a warm family" - pay tribute to Huaye Sunshine Service Department
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With the sudden drop in temperature in the northern region, the annual heating season has begun. As the protagonist of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei “coal-to-electricity”, the air source heat pump also began to send warm air to the people to ensure that everyone spends a clean and warm winter.

However, the harsh weather conditions in the north of winter are definitely a serious test for air source heat pumps. Any problem may cause great trouble and inconvenience to users' lives. Therefore, for heat pump companies, they want to have In the long-term development, in addition to ensuring high-quality product quality, a professional and reliable after-sales maintenance team is indispensable, which is also a manifestation of the company's soft power.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enlighten Clean Energy, Huaye Sunshine is committed to providing high-quality and excellent after-sales service in addition to providing excellent clean energy products to the market. Improving customer satisfaction is also a long-term development strategy. Focusing on the heat pump market and consumer characteristics, Huaye Sunshine After-sales Department adheres to the three objectives of “fast, professional and dedicated” and sets up a series of service measures to meet the needs of customers to ensure that after-sales personnel use their own skills and sincerity to serve each. Customer.

First, strive for excellence, every second counts

Huaye Sunshine is the first-class enterprise in the “coal-to-electricity” area of Beijing, Shanxi, Tianjin and other industries. In addition to strictly complying with all the heat pump winning enterprises proposed by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2016, it is required to give residents 3 to 6 years. The "free package repair period" and the 6 to 10 years of "paid warranty period to ensure that farmers have no worries during the life of the product", and set up a comprehensive service response mechanism, after the after-sales personnel can receive repair calls, We will “respond within 30 minutes, arrive within 2 hours, and troubleshoot within 4 hours”, and serve consumers in strict accordance with service standards and quality commitments. The response time for repairs is among the best among peer companies, and we have won praises from customers.

Second, efficient professional training, high-quality talent reserve

Huaye Sunshine's “coal-to-electricity” work in Beijing covers seven large suburban counties this year. The area is wide and the installed capacity is as high as 20,000 units. Behind the brilliant achievements is also a huge pressure. Such a large-scale installation, commissioning and testing in a short time can not be achieved without a professional team. Due to the special product attributes of the heat pump, the after-sales service personnel are in theory. Practice and other aspects must meet professional level requirements.

Only by training can we have a strong talent pool to ensure that after-sales service can provide high-quality services that match the huge installed capacity. All employees of Huaye Sunshine After-sales Department have received professional heat pump theoretical knowledge training and unit practical training. After passing the test, they can be arranged for employment. Therefore, the design, installation, monitoring and operation of heat pump products can be mastered and guaranteed. Quality maintenance work.

Through these systematic trainings, Huaye Sunshine hopes that front-line after-sales personnel can think about what users want, fully understand the needs of users, and touch customers through meticulous service. At the same time, they are always grateful, thank you for the Tsinghua sunshine. The brand's trust and recognition, constantly learn from it and continue to improve service quality.

Third, work hard for the people, create quality differentiated services

Huaye Sunshine is responsible for the “coal-to-electricity” work in seven districts including Beijing Changping, Fangshan, Miyun, Huairou, Tongzhou, Chaoyang and Haidian. In addition to the renovation of 26 villages in Miyun District last year, the rest of the villages have been transformed. It was the first time that the coal-fired furnace was revoked and clean heating equipment was used. As the joy and joy ushered in new changes, problems also arised.

(1) Many people used to burn coal before, and they are not used to the intelligent heat pump system. The various buttons on the system are all at a loss. Faced with this situation, Zheng Huabin, the manager of the after-sales department, has been stationed in the heat pump installation stage to dispatch technical personnel to follow the construction team to timely check and solve various problems in the installation, ensure high-quality construction, and make the installation beautiful and neat. Preface, laying a good foundation for the smooth operation of the later products; In addition, the after-sales department cooperated with the construction team to give a “product understanding card” from house to house, and assisted the construction team to explain the contents of the card, remind the villagers of important notices, and ensure that the villagers can learn as soon as possible. And the use of heat pump products, in the face of simple problems, the ability to solve the problem by itself, reducing maintenance waiting time.

(2) There are often many elderly people in their homes. Their poor handling of heat pump products and environmental factors often cause many unexpected problems. During the entire month of November, there were 523 orders for repairs caused by user misoperations, and the repairs caused by the power company were 491, and the repairs caused by the end of the user's home were 174.

In the short term, such a large number of repairs will bring a lot of pressure to the after-sales personnel. Although these are not caused by the quality of the company's products, Huaye Sunshine has always adhered to the "customer-centric" service concept, eager for customers and wants customers. I think, as long as the user can use the product smoothly, comfortably warm, even if it takes several times more time and hard work.

There was a villager in Miyun District who was anxiously calling for repairs at 2 am, saying that the radiator in the house suddenly did not heat up, and now the child is frozen enough. After the phone, the after-sales staff can clearly hear the crying of the child. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, the after-sales personnel first asked about the condition of the machine on the phone. After clearing the problem caused by the product quality, the after-sales personnel decided to top. With the biting cold wind, I rushed to the household to check it. Finally, I found that the radiator in the user's home was leaking, which caused the crew to be unable to operate normally. There were only old people and children at home, but I don't know how to be good. After finding out the reasons, the after-sales personnel quickly helped the maintenance while comforting the residents' emotions, and quickly solved the problem. After everything returned to normal, the villagers were very grateful, saying that although this is not within the scope of Huaye Sunshine's after-sales service, the after-sales staff is responsible for the user's attitude. In the middle of the night, they help to repair and solve the urgent need. It is a conscience enterprise and choose Tsinghua University. The sun heat pump is really the right choice!

It is not just Miyun District. Not long ago, Shangwan Village in Fangshan District suffered from a traffic accident caused by a rollover accident. The 14 Tsinghua solar heat pumps and other electrical appliances installed in the nearby residents were burnt down. Now that it has entered the cold winter season, the loss of heating equipment can rush the villagers, and they have flocked to the village committee to solve this problem. Seeing the unfortunate moments in these people's homes, the leaders of the village committee are also anxious like the ants on the hot pot. The colleagues in the Fangshan District after-sales department don't talk about it, bring the tool parts, work overtime, and stay in the sleepless night until the next morning. After all the machines were repaired and operated normally, they dragged their tired bodies back to their homes.

This kind of real benefit for the interests of the users, and dedication to provide a warm service spirit like the spring rain, deeply touched the villagers of Shangwan Village, they specially made the banner, and gave all the colleagues in the after-sales department of Huaye Sunshine Fangshan District. Grateful feelings are beyond words.

Through a bit of solid work, Tsinghua Sunshine brand has become more and more popular among the people. After the post-sales return visit, the satisfaction rate of the people to Tsinghua Sunshine Heat Pump service service is as high as 98%. The so-called "Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the reputation of the people". The villagers have recognized the Tsinghua Sunshine brand in their hearts and minds, and they have recognized the thoughtful and meticulous brand after-sales service. Behind these accreditations, the hard work of the colleagues in the after-sales department, in order to deal with the maintenance of nearly 20,000 equipment, they all gave up the rest day, every day to carry out maintenance work. Some after-sales personnel need to be responsible for the maintenance of the two districts at the same time. After the day is over, they will rush to another district in the evening. Busy work has left them with little time to spend with their families and children, occasionally complaining, and they can only succumb to their enthusiasm and continue to go to work. They have no fancy words, but they are holding a sincere heart for serving the people. They have firmly established a good corporate image of Huaye Sunshine's "honesty, customer first" and helped the company to win the "2017 solar thermal utilization industry after-sales service advanced". unit".

Fourth, more service areas, all for the user only

In addition to the research and development and production of air source heat pumps, Huaye Sunshine is also providing high-quality clean energy products to provide citizens with a green and environmentally friendly warm experience. Due to the considerable sales volume of the products, in order to better serve the users, Huaye Sunshine After Sales Department actively communicates with agents all over the country and gives them guidance on solar products and technologies to achieve high quality products. The marketing structure with professional retail distributors as the core to meet the needs of more consumers.

In addition, the after-sales service department also actively cooperates with the project management center to seriously solve all kinds of complaints and related after-sales problems that arise during the solar energy construction process, and to ensure the construction of high-quality projects and customer satisfaction.

The concept determines the action, the way of thinking determines the way out”, Huaye Sunshine knows that customer satisfaction ultimately depends on the company's quality service, including the two aspects of product quality and after-sales service. Only the two interact and combine perfectly. Customer-centric service values are truly implemented. In the future, Huaye Sunshine will provide consumers with high-quality, safe and reliable clean energy products, and will continue to improve service details and quality, continue to listen to customers' voices, pay attention to changes in customer needs, and standardize corporate behavior from the perspective of customers. The customer's standard measures the operating efficiency of the company, and spreads the concept of “sunshine service warm home” to thousands of households!

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