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Beijing University of Information Science and Technology Solar Water Heating System Engineering
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Beijing University of Information Science and Technology is located in Beijing. It is a university with a focus on industrial management, multi-disciplinary development of engineering management, grammar and law, and Beijing's key support for construction. It is a national “excellent engineer education training plan” to build a university. Huaye Sunshine is responsible for the solar water heating system products + installation services on the S1 and S2 floors of the A group of students in the new campus.

Construction period: January 2017 to May 2017

Huaye Sunshine is responsible for the solar water heating system products + installation services on the S1 and S2 floors of the A group of students in the new campus. The height of the dormitory building is 23.9 meters, of which the building area of S1 building is 11846.6m2, and the building area of S2 building is 11659.9m2.

The project uses a SLR5818-20 metal heat pipe solar collector centralized solar system with a total heat collection area of 645m2. The system is divided into two sets of S1 and S2, of which S1 is equipped with 345m2 solar collector, 35m3 hot water tank and 5m3 volumetric heat exchanger for storing solar water and constant temperature solar heat. Water; S2 building is equipped with 300m2 solar collector, 35m3 hot water storage tank and 5m3 volumetric heat exchanger for storing solar hot water and constant temperature supply of solar hot water.

SLR5818-20 metal heat pipe solar collector adopts CPC collector profile, which is beautiful and reliable in appearance; the collector has thick insulation layer, better temperature rise, high thermal efficiency and smaller heat loss; and other conventional collectors. In terms of the heat collector, the aluminum wing and the metal heat pipe are added inside the vacuum tube to realize the waterless operation in the tube, thereby ensuring that the heat collecting tube has excellent functions of antifreeze, anti-scaling and water leakage prevention, and is particularly suitable for the four seasons in the alpine region. Use; unique variable-temperature isothermal metal heat pipe, the internal heat capacity of the pipe is extremely low, the startup temperature is super fast, and the heat conduction efficiency is extremely high; the collector adopts a modular design, even if the single pipe is broken and the tube is not broken, it can still be normal. use.

Due to the tight schedule of the project, in order to effectively guarantee the construction progress, the construction team closely followed the construction progress of the main package, cross-construction, although the engineering cost was increased to a certain extent, but ultimately in accordance with the requirements of the school and the general package, quality and quantity The project was completed.

During the inter-equipment installation process, the installation of the pipeline from the dormitory floor to the ground floor equipment encountered a very difficult problem: because the pipeline is welded by stainless steel pipe and the installation method of the compression, the workers are working in the cold winter weather. The process precision has high requirements. The project manager Liang Liang arranged a special person to strictly control the construction process, select the best technical workers, do it in one place, do not rework, and finally achieve the high quality and efficient installation of all the roof to the equipment between the equipment. At the same time, the volumetric heat exchanger also needs to be hoisted into the equipment room. Although the hoisting holes reserved in the early stage of the general package meet the requirements in size, it is difficult to tilt the 5m3 volume heat exchanger into the equipment. However, with the careful cooperation of many parties, the positive and accurate volumetric heat exchangers will be safely and accurately hoisted in place, and the high-quality construction effect will win the approval of Party A and the general contractor.

As a leading company in the solar thermal utilization industry, Huaye Sunshine relies on the technical strength of Tsinghua University and always leads the market development with continuous technological innovation and reform. It continuously develops solar thermal utilization products according to the actual needs of customers, and in terms of product installation and service quality. Strive for excellence, adhere to the "customer is the brand" concept, and constantly create more updated strategic highlands, to provide consumers with healthy, green, environmentally friendly solar thermal utilization system products and services, to build a "low carbon economy" and "harmonious society "Continuously contribute wisdom and strength!
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