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Huaye Sunshine Debut at 2019 Shanghai Heat Pump Exhibition
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On March 15, 2019, the highly anticipated air source heat pump industry feast - the 9th Shanghai Heat Pump Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. Huaye Sunshine, which has just won the title of Outstanding Contribution Unit of the Air Source Heat Pump Industry in the North Region in 2018, has a number of heavy products to be honored (Booth: T124, 1st floor of the West Building).

Since entering the northern coal-to-electricity market in 2016, Huaye Sunshine has relied on the capital advantages of Qidi Clean Energy Group, the technological advantages of Tsinghua University and the brand advantage of “Tsinghua Sunshine”. After three years of hard work, it won the government in terms of products, construction and service. And the user is widely recognized, and there are countless honors. With the increasing demand for heating market in southern China in recent years, Huaye Sunshine is also actively engaged in market layout, constantly improving product lines for different climates and user habits in the north and south, and “Tsinghua Sunshine” household and commercial heating and cooling products. Carry out quality upgrades, comprehensively open up the heating and cooling and hot water industry chain in the north and south, meet the market segmentation needs, and provide users with high quality products and diversified services.

In this exhibition, Huaye Sunshine launched a multi-energy complementary system for household and commercial ultra-low temperature air source heat pump units, low temperature heat pump hot air heaters, regenerative electric heaters, heat pump hot water machines and “solar + air source heat pump”. The lineup of luxury products. Among them, the “solar + air source heat pump” multi-energy complementary system that has just won the product innovation award of this year's heat pump exhibition has aroused strong interest from a large number of merchants. The system relies on the advantages of “Tsinghua Sunshine” solar light and heat products, supplemented by air source heat pump units. The use of multi-energy composite heating and air conditioning systems and solar energy source heat pump coupled air conditioning heating system based on cross-season heat storage two patented technologies, through the maximum use of solar energy, can achieve outdoor temperature -25 ° C when the house is still warm as spring, so that users Enjoy a more comfortable, intelligent, convenient and environmentally friendly quality of life. Many merchants have stopped to consult and have more discussions on further cooperation.

With the continuous advancement of China's clean energy industry, multi-energy complementarity has gradually become a new development trend. Both hot water projects and heating and heat storage projects can be combined with solar energy and air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. The diverse needs of users. With its own advantages, Huaye Sunshine actively promotes the application of multi-energy composite technologies such as solar energy, air source heat pump, bio-energy, coal-fired, and clean biomass energy in the clean energy market with its own advantages, enabling the company to use the air source heat pump market and the whole. The development of the clean energy industry has always maintained a broad, deep and continuous vitality.

The exhibition will last until March 17th. Huaye Sunshine will be waiting for you at the T124 booth on the first floor of the West Hall of the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. At the same time, more people and agents who are keen on heating and cooling are welcome to participate in Huaye Sunshine. 2019 "Product Promotion and Investment Promotion Association", work together to create wealth business opportunities in the field of clean energy!

Merchants Conference Time: March 16 14:00-17:00

Venue: Hall 8, Guangda, 2nd Floor, International Exhibition Center, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Cente

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