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China Real Estate Purchasing Platform 2014 Top 100 Docking Conference Guangzhou Station, Tsinghua Sunshine Perfectly Closed
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China Real Estate Purchasing Platform 2014 Top 100 Docking Conference Guangzhou Station, Tsinghua Sunshine Perfectly Closed

On September 4th, the 2014 China Real Estate Sourcing Conference was held in Guangzhou with the theme of “Smarting and Living Green China Top 100 Docking and Building Boutiques”. This is the last time of this year's China Real Estate Purchasing Platform Procurement Conference. In order to better explore the cooperation and win-win situation under the current situation, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the conference invited more than 50 national brand development companies such as Evergrande, Greenland and Country Garden, together with developers in Guangzhou and surrounding areas, and more than 150 building materials. The departmental enterprises gathered together to exchange purchase intentions and share the procurement model and experience of brand real estate enterprises.

As the “Top 500 Real Estate Developers Preferred Brand” enterprise and the governing unit of China Real Estate Association, Tsinghua Sunshine participated in and followed up three matchmaking conferences held in Beijing, Nanjing and Changsha this year, attracting many well-known developers. Eyeballs have achieved good results. Drawing on the experience of the first three conferences, under the cooperation and cooperation of the sales managers and sales enterprise centers in the Southern Region, Tsinghua Sunshine has been able to fully develop the potential customers in this closing meeting: 360-degree development of real estate, auxiliary attack supply Chain (real estate chain supplier).

At this meeting, the Southern Region still adopted the strategy and tactics of the Changsha Matchmaking Conference – “concentrating the superior forces and forming the momentum of the encirclement”. The sales managers and engineering technicians in the South were assembled, and there was a purposeful and planned initiative at the venue. Targets and potential customers promote Tsinghua Sunshine (handing business cards, issuing leaflets, pushing projects). Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. After several rounds of carpet-style announcements, plus the appearance of the first three docking sessions, we not only let many real estate developers know about Tsinghua Sunshine, but also let the same Many enterprises and participants in the downstream supply chain also met Tsinghua Sunshine. At the dinner after the meeting, many real estate developers and suppliers have been able to blurt out the "Tsinghua Sunshine" is a good evidence.

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