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Tsinghua Sunshine has been constantly catching quality for 30 years, and its products have been subjected to squally winds and huge hail impacts.
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On the evening of July 16th, four towns in the northwest of Beijing's Haidian and the western part of Changping suffered a hail that had not been seen for decades. The southeast wind of the six or seven grades was mixed with the egg-sized scorpion, which not only made the 10,000-acre fruit tree almost Empty branches, and the solar water heaters that installed this belt on the roof received a quality test.

The solar water heaters on the roofs of some communities were blown up by the strong typhoon storms, while others were hung in the eaves and crumbling, and some even directly fell to the ground. Among them, there were three conjoined ordinary Us of a well-known enterprise. The tube vacuum tube solar collector is blown from the roof to the ground because it is not fixed, and a part of the collector on the roof has a large translation. The above is the third day after the disaster. Professor Yin Zhiqiang, the chief scientist of Tsinghua Sunshine, and his team, together with Professor Qi Jing of Tsinghua University, visited the Sujiatun disaster site to investigate the situation when the solar water heater was affected.

Ascending the roof and looking at it, the noisy solar energy on the roof, which survived the storm, almost did not get rid of the hail attack. The collector tube was almost completely dull. The collector of the above-mentioned famous brand surviving the 45° inclination of the building was damaged by about three points. One, while Tsinghua Sunshine has 16 U-tube vacuum solar collectors flat on the roof surface, only 2 tubes are damaged, and three vacuum collector tubes are hit by the hail, only the surface of the cover glass tube is cracked, no broken. The on-site measurement data shows that the glass wall thickness of the glass tube of a well-known brand is 1.5mm, which does not meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T 29159-2012 "glass tube for all-glass vacuum solar collector tube" 1.75±0.1mm, while Tsinghua Sunshine The heat pipe cover glass tube glass wall thickness is 1.7mm to reach the national standard. On the other hand, the reason why the brand-name solar energy was destroyed by the hail was nothing more than the fact that its collector tube did not meet the standard in terms of material and wall thickness, shoddy and cut corners. This fully proves that the key to ensuring the quality of the heat collecting tube that Professor Yin Zhiqiang has always insisted on and called for is the scientificity and importance of the material and wall thickness. He believes that the key to ensuring the quality of the heat collecting tube is to ensure that the material of the glass tube is borosilicate glass 3.3. Second, ensure that the wall thickness of the collector tube is not less than the national standard.

As the main developer of the first all-glass vacuum solar collector tube in China, Professor Yin Zhiqiang insisted on using borosilicate glass 3.3 when the whole glass vacuum collector tube was produced in small batches. He believes that the all-glass vacuum solar collector tube is bad in the outdoor. Under the environment, the water temperature difference between the tube and the memory is large, and the vacuum interlayer between the double tubes has high requirements on the airtightness, so the requirements for the glass material are harsh. If the glass tube breaks during use, the water in the water tank will all flow out, which brings great inconvenience to the user. If the product can not run stably in a large amount, it will directly affect the promotion of new products. Not only that, as the drafter of the first all-glass vacuum solar collector standard, when the national standard for all-glass vacuum solar collectors was established in 1997, although there were many people’s opposition at the time of high prices, the overall situation of the industry and the long-term industry From the perspective of development, Yin Zhiqiang is still arguing that the borosilicate glass 3.3 must be used in the national standard to ensure long-term safe and stable operation of the product outdoors.

Not long ago, the deputy chairman of the National People's Congress and the Chinese Academy of Sciences dean Lu Yongxiang and his team investigated Tsinghua Sunshine, and Yin also repeatedly emphasized the key points of the quality of the collector tube to ensure the quality of the borosilicate glass 3.3 and wall thickness. He said with sorrow: Nowadays, in order to reduce costs, some enterprises seek profits from materials and blindly reduce the material and wall thickness of solar collectors. This vicious competition not only destroys its reputation, but also seriously hinders the sound development of the entire industry; China has increased its support for renewable energy products in developing countries year by year, and hopes that colleagues in the industry will increase their sense of responsibility. Otherwise, with the decline of the reputation of solar thermal utilization in China, the efforts of decades and millions of people will be destroyed. .

When it comes to the wind resistance of solar energy, it depends entirely on the installation technology and the wind resistance design of the solar bracket. It is completely possible to minimize or avoid the loss through artificial reinforcement design. The Tsinghua Sunshine Bracket is a product that has passed the strict bearing capacity test of Tsinghua University Structural Engineering Research Institute and has reached the wind resistance standard of 11 or above. Therefore, not only in this disaster, Tsinghua Sunshine did not have a falling solar energy, even on July 18, Hainan Province, Guangxi Beihai and Guangdong Province Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang and other places of the 17th typhoon "Weimason" attack Next, Tsinghua Sunshine solar water heaters are also the least damaged. Tsinghua Sunshine Business Manager Wang Chao told Xiaobian: Only the typhoon's entrance areas Wenchang, Haikou, Guangxi Beihai and Qingzhou dropped 6 single water heaters. The project has not been dropped so far. In the case of falling, other brands of water heaters and flat water heaters were more seriously damaged, and some were directly taken away by typhoons.

As the leader of solar light and heat, Tsinghua Sunshine from the raw materials to the products, to the safe use of customers, each of which has made strict prevention and control, consistently follow Professor Yin Zhiqiang's requirements for product quality, and strive to Solar thermal utilization can be recognized by the government, and it is accepted by the public, and strives for the bright future of solar thermal utilization!

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