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Tsinghua Sunshine high-profile appearance at the China Real Estate Procurement Conference Nanjing Station, favored by many well-known housing companies
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Following the Beijing Railway Station on May 8th, the second meeting of the China Real Estate Purchasing Conference - Procurement Conference was held on June 27th at the Nanjing Central Hotel. The site meeting was hosted by the China Real Estate Association and the Jiangsu Real Estate Association; China Real Estate The procurement platform has attracted many real estate companies such as Landsea Real Estate, Zhongnan Real Estate, Yurun Real Estate, Hangzhou Zhongxing Real Estate, Jiangsu Dehui Construction Group, Aohai Holdings and more than 100 building materials and components companies.

The theme of this year's China Real Estate Purchasing Platform Purchasing Conference is “Smart and Green China Top 100 Connected and Co-Building Boutique”, aiming to better explore the cooperation between real estate developers and suppliers in the current situation, and to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and communicate with each other. Purchasing intentions and new products, new services, talk about smart buildings, green China.

As the governing unit of the New China Real Estate Association and the preferred brand of the top 500 real estate developers, Tsinghua Sunshine was invited to participate in the conference, drawing on the successful experience of Beijing Station, Zhu Xin, Director of Planning Center, Zhang Qiang, Business Manager of East China, and Xu Yunpeng, Strategic Client Department. Under the planning and arrangement, Tsinghua Sunshine conducted face-to-face business promotion, distribution of products and engineering albums with admissions, dinners and meeting breaks, and conducted microblog interactions with the guests on the big screen and the venue. Under their proactive rush, the Tsinghua Sunshine venue has a high frequency of exposure. The Tsinghua Sunshine Waterless Solar Water Heater, which is a dinner lottery prize, brings the exposure of Tsinghua Sunshine to the highest point. Tsinghua Sunshine was selected as the priority procurement cooperation unit on the “Application for Supply and Demand Docking Application” of well-known real estate developers such as Phoenix Real Estate, Hangzhou Zhongxing Real Estate and Aijia Real Estate.

At the Nanjing Purchasing Conference, the launching ceremony of the Jiangsu Center for China's procurement platform was also held. China's real estate procurement platform is based on the platform features of “fair and transparent, competitive order, standardized trading, advanced means, and convenient operation”, which has been well received by all walks of life. The advantages of its third-party media platform are in line with the current demands of upstream and downstream enterprises in China's real estate industry, providing a reliable docking platform for all parties. The procurement conference is to create a face-to-face communication opportunity for various developers and upstream and downstream enterprises. Each developer company has openly and honestly introduced the projects they are developing, and has clearly announced the intentions of the parties. In the future, better and more efficient cooperation between the parties will lay a solid foundation.

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