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Tsinghua Sunshine participates in the European International Solar Energy Exhibition and attracts new and old customers
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From June 4th to 6th, the annual International Solar Technology Expo was held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Concurrently, InterSolar Europe, the largest solar professional exhibition in Europe and the world, was held by the German Solar Energy Industry Association (BSW-Solar), the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), and the European Solar Thermal Industry Alliance (ESTIF). The International Solar Energy Society (ISES), SEMI PV Group, the German Machinery Manufacturers Association Photovoltaic Production Equipment Branch (VDMA-PV), and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) are co-founded by several international authorities. Focusing on photovoltaic, photovoltaic production technology, energy storage and photothermal technology, this exhibition brings together 1,141 solar photovoltaics, elites in various industries, except Tsinghua Sunshine, Huangming, Sun Rain, Sang Le, Linuo Domestic companies such as Yingli also participated.

Tsinghua Sunshine has been participating in InterSolar Europe since 2005. Every year, it receives inquiries from the exhibition and signs orders. This year, under the hard work of the International Department, Tsinghua Sunshine exhibited CCPC collectors. Its unique technical content has attracted many customers at home and abroad, and many of its peers also came to conduct technical discussions and exchanges. At this exhibition, Tsinghua Sunshine is also committed to promoting the market concept of “Build Your Own Factory”, helping customers to establish their own factories and production lines, providing technical, personnel, capital and other support to customers to ensure their products are locally available. Support from the government and banks, with sufficient market competitiveness and price advantage. During the exhibition, some old customers paid a special visit to Tsinghua Sunshine. They expressed their admiration for Tsinghua Sunshine's persistent pursuit of solar technology and the improvement of solar energy products, and fully affirmed the future development of Tsinghua Sunshine.

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