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China Real Estate Purchasing Conference was held in Beijing, and Tsinghua Sunshine won the first battle!
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On May 8th, the first stop of the China Real Estate Purchasing Conference, Beijing Station, was held on the first floor of Huayuan Real Estate. The theme of this year's conference was “Smart Home, Green China, Top 100, and Good Quality”. In order to achieve the transparency and efficiency of the equal exchange and bidding procurement of building materials suppliers. The conference attracted more than 30 departments of bidding and procurement of real estate companies including Huayuan Real Estate, Sunshine 100 (Weibo), Jindian Real Estate, Jinhui Real Estate, Coastal Real Estate, Sino-Ocean Real Estate and Huaye Real Estate, as well as building materials and waterproofing. More than 200 companies, including paints, paints, elevators, ceramic tiles, water heaters and other building materials, home improvement parts suppliers, more than 200 participants. The procurement conference was hosted by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Research Association. China Real Estate Purchasing Platform, Zhongfang.com and Sina Real Estate jointly organized.

As the preferred brand of the top 500 real estate developers, Tsinghua Sunshine was invited to participate in the conference. Under the joint efforts of the Beijing Region and the Planning Center, we tailored the exquisite product brochures for this conference and actively participated in the conference before the conference. Group communication, do pre-conference homework and all countermeasures, and strive to let Tsinghua Sunshine enter the eyes of the participating developers.

Because the intercommunication at the procurement meeting not only stays at the business level, but also exchanges and discusses more technologies and information. Suppliers should not only explain professional product technologies and solutions for developers, but also discuss cooperation models and service models with participating developers. The engineering market is an important market for suppliers. In order to compete for this cake, all suppliers have made every effort to show their capabilities in terms of products, technologies and services.

In the early morning of the 8th, Zhu Xi, the director of the planning center, rushed to the scene, spying on the "military situation", looking for the best location, targeting the target developers, and actively participating in the large-screen open microblogging interactive activities during the meeting. Chen Haijing, the director of Beijing Region, has also led the public relations and business negotiation, and also went to the venue in advance to find the opportunity to introduce products with developers face to face. Under the close cooperation of the two directors, Tsinghua Sunshine is not a guest enterprise, but due to the collection of orderly business skills and steady and introverted public relations capabilities, the harvest is remarkable and the results are remarkable. Tsinghua Sunshine is in the eyes of some developers' "Application for Supply and Demand Docking Application Form".

At the meeting, Secretary-General Zhang Wei of the National Real Estate Association's Collaboration Committee made a speech on "Development and Expectation of China's Real Estate Purchasing Platform." He said: After the two sessions, the pace of urbanization is accelerating, the speed of regulation and control is grading, and the space for real estate growth in China is already expected. In 2014, the top 500 developers have already announced their brands. The real estate market in China has a trend of high concentration. More than 7 companies have broken 100 billion. In order to promote the connection of 100 companies, the real estate procurement platform in 2013 has entered Xiamen, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Five cities, including Shenzhen and Chongqing, started to promote the application of green building materials to urbanization and promote the win-win situation in the upstream and downstream of the real estate industry chain. In 2014, the Top 100 Docking China Real Estate Procurement Conference will continue to sail, and will then enter Guangzhou, Nanjing, Changsha and other regions to promote the docking of supply and demand in the industrial chain, to explore optimized product design, and to achieve sunshine procurement through cost control.

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