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Healthy work Happy work ∣ Huaye Sunshine 2019 summer team successfully concluded
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In May, at the time of early summer, everything was green.

In order to keep everyone energetic in the intense work,

Continuously improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness,

Huaye Sunshine Headquarters and the new and old employees of the Machikou base

Qiguang Changping Changyu City Scenic Area,

Carry out mountaineering photography activities with the theme of “healthy living and happy work”.

Show the power of the sun with practical actions,

Meet a different summer.

The mountaineering activities are divided into five groups. The team leader is required to lead the team members to complete the prescribed tasks while conquering the mountains and mountains, and fully enjoy the joyful feelings that nature brings to the body and mind.

Although the event was burning in the hot sun on the day of the event, I couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of everyone’s active participation. Let’s take a photo with you.

1, 2, 3 eggplant ~~~

Mountaineering activities begin!

"I have to climb up step by step, fly at the highest point and fly forward....."

The trees in the mountains and plains shine in the golden sunshine, forming a vast green sea, and the clear and transparent water flow adds poetry. While walking hard in this green sea, everyone talks about work and life, family and career, and exchanges life feelings and feelings. Some people panted, but all the way received the encouragement from the small partners, and the intimate colleagues even handed the "twig version" trekking pole; some people walked like a fly, took the lead, but stopped from time to time to wait for the "latecomer" and help one, not called When one person is left behind, the spirit of "Tsinghua Sunshine" people unite and cooperate and climb the peak is vividly demonstrated at this moment.

After nearly two hours of climbing, everyone climbed the top of the mountain in the hot sun. Looking into the distance, the mountains are covered with greenery, the layers of forests are dyed, and the light and thin smog floats in the mountains.

Everyone cheered and admired the beauty of the wonderland, but also gained a sense of courage, passion and accomplishment after challenging themselves.

The famous philosopher Russell once said that the great cause is rooted in the tenacity and constant work, and is engaged in full spirit and does not avoid hardship. This is just like mountaineering. It is the ultimate game between our physical strength and endurance. Only those who are not afraid of the process can enjoy the ultimate success.

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