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2018 Huaye Sunshine meets Orson, walked through the most beautiful Beijing autumn
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The fall of Beijing, the flame-like red leaves, the golden ginkgo, the colorful, layered, staggering, and dressing up Beijing like a fairyland in the world~ In this beautiful season, our "Tsinghua Sunshine" people gather in Orson, Practice your body and add a vivid and healthy picture to this fall.

Chinese dream, healthy dream. Healthy China has not only become the consensus of the people, but also a major development strategy of the country. The natural environment has already had a series of major impacts on human life. In addition to the research and development of various clean, environmentally friendly and intelligent green heating products, Tsinghua Sunshine is used to improve the atmospheric environment and contribute to the development of the clean energy industry. Development, actively through various types of health actions, advocate a harmonious mind, mind and body, and call for everyone to release work pressure with practical actions, share health and happiness in the joy of walking.

After a crisp "departure" order, everyone launched a charge challenge to the 10km walking step against the blue sky and blue sky. The beautiful scenery accompanied, the laughter and encouragement of the teammates around, made the whole process pleasant, refreshing and passionate!

In order to increase the fun of everyone on the road, the Integrated Management Center divides the teams into four groups, and asks the teams to collect ribbons at the prescribed locations and take photos at designated locations, so that everyone can focus on the team and help each other and work together. Spirit, all members of each team need to complete the assigned tasks and arrive at the end to be considered to complete the entire schedule.

There are already a lot of fast-moving friends who have received the ribbon and set off to the next stop. Come on, come on, you are the best!

The young friends who arrived at the "Loulan Girl" sculpture department with the characteristics of the Western Regions took a group photo with a happy photo~ In the side of the Loulan girl, they thought about the ancient feelings of the ancients, and they thought about the Populus euphratica that stood still in the desert, and now we are by our side. Is there a How do you feel through time and space?

In the end, in the cold wind for nearly 2 hours of mutual help and mutual help, all colleagues have successfully reached the end, naturally, the third runner-up is a must-have ~~ look at our first-time partner We, that happy heart is all over the word~~~

If you take a place, you will naturally have rewards. The friends will stand in the queue and receive prizes~

This walking activity, while letting everyone relax and release stress, has enhanced mutual understanding and communication, and realized the profound meaning of team, collaboration, responsibility and dedication, and enjoyed trust, integration, unity and encouragement. The joy of coming has reached the goal of "pleasure the mind and body, temper the will, cultivate the sentiment, and smelt the team".

After 20 years of vigorous development, Huaye Sunshine, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enlighten Clean Energy Group, has been advancing the clean energy industry in China, and has always insisted that more employees and partners feel the responsibility of “Tsinghua Sunshine”. It should be energetic, show a positive and positive image, and play a good role in promoting more employees to participate in physical fitness activities and embrace healthy living.

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