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Huaye Sunshine Liuyi Special Edition! Tongxi Tongle "Feather" You Meet
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Children's Day is the festival of all the cutest and most cute babies. When I was young, I liked to blow some innocent cowhide, eat a lot of snacks, and sing the songs without any melody. On June 1st, I also like to be with my mom and dad. I can go to the amusement park and receive gifts. The younger brothers and sisters of Huaye Sunshine Comprehensive Management Center know the baby’s thoughts carefully. Bao Dabao has prepared a Children's Day gift and carefully divided it according to the age of the baby to ensure that the baby receives the holiday gift that suits him best.

However, why can only the little babies have a holiday? We, the big babies, still live in an innocent child. So, we decided to smash the children's excitement! So, 25 Huaye Sunshine athletes gathered together to participate in the "Huaye Sunshine Cup." "In the second badminton competition, we adhere to the principle of letting go of ourselves and challenge ourselves, so that our over-age children can release happiness in the intense and busy work, spread positive energy, and fight for honor with the spirit of never giving up. !

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