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Huaye Sunshine's first new employee tea party in 2018 was successfully held
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In order to let new employees have a deeper understanding of Huaye Sunshine corporate culture and development history, quickly integrate into the company's harmonious team atmosphere, and establish a good communication bridge for the work of new employees. On May 16, 2018, Huaye Sunshine Integrated Management Center More than ten new employees were organized to hold a tea party. Ms. Zhao Juan, deputy general manager of Huaye Sunshine, attended and had a cordial conversation with the new employees.

Mr. Zhao first extended a warm welcome to the new employees. She said that the company has absorbed a lot of fresh blood in the past two years due to the adjustment of its business and strategic guidelines. It is hoped that through the joining of newcomers, the talent team of Huaye Sunshine will be updated and expanded. I also hope that everyone can give full play to their own advantages, provide advice and suggestions for the company in business, management and other aspects, and actively contribute to the company's better and faster development.

Then, Mr. Zhao briefly reviewed the development history of Huaye Sunshine and several key moments of development. In 1979, Professor Yin Zhiqiang of Tsinghua University led the research and development of all-glass vacuum solar collectors to open the development path of solar thermal utilization industry in China. In 1998, Huaye Sunshine, the predecessor of Tsinghua Sunshine, was established. In 20 years, the company has developed into a high-performance solar selective absorption coating and civil solar thermal utilization system. Solar core technology, for household and commercial domestic hot water, heating, refrigeration; district heating; industrial and agricultural heating; solar thermal power generation and other areas to provide products and solutions to clean energy leaders, brand influence is growing stronger. In the next step, Huaye Sunshine will continue to integrate the technological advantages of Tsinghua University and combine its own brand advantages to strengthen the layout and construction of distributed energy station projects while focusing on solar energy business and actively developing coal-to-electricity business. At present, the company has established a distributed energy station business unit, actively carrying out related business in many regions of the country, and has played an important role in promoting the company's transformation and upgrading into a thermal platform and realizing the "product + full service" strategic policy.

At the same time, Mr. Zhao said that the development of Huaye Sunshine is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of the old employees who have been fighting for nearly 20 years. With the continuous participation of new employees, the company will strive to create an equal, open and transparent Environment, welcome everyone to speak freely, actively voice, help the company to build a positive, harmonious and healthy development atmosphere, and hope that all colleagues who join the company can work together with each other, seek common development with the company, and think about it in one place. To work together for the company's vision as soon as possible.

After listening to Mr. Zhao’s sharing, the new employees present were grouped and introduced to each other. Among them, those who have just entered the job for less than a month have also been involved in the company for a while, but everyone has a common feeling. Huaye Sunshine is really a very warm and harmonious family. Whether it is colleagues in the department or cross-departmental business communication, it is full of fast and efficient work rhythm, and there is no lack of joy and warmth. Being able to develop in such an environment, everyone is full of confidence and enthusiasm, I believe that with the continuous development of the company, they can also get stronger development!

After the introduction of the self-introduction, in order to make the new staff members familiar with each other as soon as possible, establish a team cohesiveness, and at the same time, the atmosphere of the scene, the tea party will arrange a Sudoku game and a surprise lottery session for everyone, so that all the friends here are laughing and happy. Have a good time in the atmosphere.

When any employee joins a new company, he or she will have more or less doubts about the company's development or related systems. In order to help everyone eliminate their doubts, the tea party will arrange a question and answer session, and Mr. Zhao will answer the questions raised by the staff. The problem is to help employees have a faster and more understanding of the company. At the same time, I also invited R&D Manager Chen Nengeng to share the feelings and experiences of the workplace for many years. He encouraged the new staff to be able to sink their minds, to learn the skills and skills, and to reward everyone. Individuals can shine and become the mainstay of the company.

At the end of the tea party, the comprehensive management center carefully prepared a small survey questionnaire, hoping to have a more comprehensive understanding of what employees think, hope, better serve everyone, and make employees in China. The heart has its own, and the feelings are returned. It can be fully invested in the work and make continuous contributions to the company's development and growth.

Ostrovsky once said: "The great power of man is here - I feel that I am in a friendly group." After 20 years of development, Huaye Sunshine has already possessed a solid and solid foundation. At the same time, it has a team that has the courage to overcome difficulties and selfless dedication. Only excellent enterprises can create an excellent team culture and produce excellent talents. . All new and old employees of Huaye Sunshine will live up to expectations and continue to develop and march bravely to conquer the next peak!

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