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Beijing Huaye Sunshine 2017 Spring Mountaineering Group was successfully held
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In 2017, in the tide of coal-to-electricity reform in Beijing, Beijing Huaye Sunshine New Energy Co., Ltd. was like a black horse, and won the bid for the 7-zone coal reform. The heating and cooling business center as the main force has gradually grown and ushered in. More new partners have come to relax everyone's body and mind in addition to the intense work, and to promote the integration of new and old employees and improve team cohesion. The heating and cooling business center is on June 16th - 18th After three days of team building activities, the seven project departments of Fangshan, Shunyi, Tongzhou, Changping, Miyun, Haidian and Chaoyang were completed. The coal-to-electricity team 邂逅 the revolutionary holy place Baiyangdian, Guantang, playing games, enjoying performances, and frequently .

On the afternoon of June 16, the sweltering weather could not stop the pace of the heating people. All the way to the song, we came to Baiyangdian.

Team building game - memory battle: good team, we must understand each other, reach a tacit understanding, 25 people, easy to remember each other's name, but even the hometown of the county to remember, especially for new colleagues, It's not that simple. But in this circle of 25 people, there is no ridicule, only hints of tolerance and goodwill.

Team building games - big troubles fly together: good team, is to not abandon, do not give up, have difficulties to face together, have a crisis to support each other. When the members of the 7 major project departments are completely disbanded, it is particularly important to be able to quickly retrieve their own organizations in times of crisis. In the course of the game, the project departments of various regions have shown strong cohesiveness and will never let their own The players were eliminated.

Team building game - invincible hot wheels: a good team, is to be with the same feet, in order to walk like a fly. Even if there are broken newspapers as a resistance to joint action, as long as the team works together and the pace is the same, there is no way to stop it.

The lotus flowers, the rowing boat, the balance, the reeds, and the breezy Baiyangdian have brought everyone a feeling of lightness and high feelings. This is an entertaining and enjoyable trip. It is a re-recognition of each other's experience. 2017, heating and cooling business center, must win!

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