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Fire prevention, alarm bells and long---"Tsinghua Sunshine" fire safety knowledge training
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In order to improve the fire awareness of the company's employees, enhance their ability to respond in emergencies, and self-protection capabilities, each employee has a certain knowledge of fire protection, eliminate fire hazards, learn about firefighting knowledge and how to use firefighting equipment, and master fire protection. Escape skills and precautions, Tsinghua Sunshine held the "Fire Safety Knowledge" training at the Machikou production base on June 17, 2015 for the purpose of "protecting the personal safety of employees and safeguarding the safety of employees and employees." On June 23, the personnel who did not participate in the training were trained again, so that “the training is not leaking one person and everyone is safe”.

At the beginning of the training, Wang Qingshan from the collection and production department of Tsinghua Sunshine Co., Ltd. gave a lecture on fire safety knowledge in the conference room on the second floor of the east side of the production base of the Machikou production base. With the help of PPT and the actual case, Wang Qingshan vividly explained the relevant knowledge about fire safety. Everyone expressed great concern about this and felt sorry and sad for the comrades who died and suffered injuries in the previous fire accident.

The following day, organized by the company's safety supervision office and Wang Qingshan, all the staff conducted fire drills on the west side of the production base workshop. Before the start of the exercise, Vice President Li Jianguo gave a speech on the mobilization of all the staff. He pointed out that in June, the National Security Month, all departments should attach great importance to safety, create a good production environment, and respond to the call of the "safety month" to strengthen Safety law to ensure safe production. After the drill began, after the fire control system issued a fire alarm signal, the employees participating in the drill followed the command of the evacuation personnel in the shortest time, and quickly evacuated from the designated route to the safety zone. The entire drill process was fast, safe and orderly.

Followed by the correct use of fire extinguishers and fire hoses, after listening carefully to Wang Qingshan's drill explanation, everyone first checked whether the fire extinguisher expired or failed, and then proceeded to conduct the actual fire-fighting drill in an orderly manner according to the drill procedure specified by Wang Qingshan.

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