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All-glass heat pipe solar water heater
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First, the vacuum tube has superior performance

1. High performance: With Tsinghua's over-limit coating technology, the absorption-to-emitter ratio is much higher than the national standard, and the heat collection efficiency is higher. .

2, long life: the use of Tsinghua University high-efficiency energy-saving vacuum exhaust equipment and advanced computer online monitoring system, the vacuum is more than 10 times the national standard, long service life. The actual application of the product has reached 22 years.

3, high strength: vacuum tube wall thickness and weight, high strength. In the steel ball test, the height impact of 2 times the national standard is not damaged, and it is resistant to hail weather.

4. Low explosion pipe rate: The use of rough glass of grade C or above to reduce internal stress and greatly reduce the hidden danger of vacuum tube explosion.

Second, multi-tube high with super heat

Greatly increase the effective lighting area, the same tank volume, and sufficient hot water. .

Third, all under the pipe fittings, low heat loss

Tsinghua Sunshine vacuum tube solar water heater adopts all the lower and lower configurations of inlet and outlet, overflow, qi, sensor and electric heating, with lower heat loss and longer lasting heat.

Fourth, the qi and overflow are two-pronged

Independently make up the air supply pipe and overflow pipe, and the exhaust air is smooth, effectively avoiding hidden dangers.

Five, the overall foam, super insulation

It adopts quantitative high-pressure integral primary foaming technology, which has uniform foaming, low closed cell ratio and long-term heat preservation.

Sixth, the characteristics of the glass heat pipe itself

(1) Leak-proof: The waterless operation in the tube is realized, and the vacuum tube is accidentally damaged and does not leak.

(2) Antifreeze: It ensures that the heat collecting tube has excellent antifreeze function, and is especially suitable for use in all seasons in alpine regions.

(3) Anti-scaling: no scale is formed in the vacuum tube to further ensure the performance of the water heater.