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Projects Type Heat Pump-BEIJISHEN Series
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The series adopts the internationally leading American Copeland Jet Enhancement Technology, which is more than 20% higher than the average unit in the low temperature environment, and the energy efficiency ratio can reach 2.0 when the ambient temperature is -15 °C. It is the first choice for the cold regions in the north.

Adopting Japanese Heron Palace technical electronic expansion valve, digital technology controls the working fluid to achieve the best flow rate effect, thereby reducing the compressor energy consumption, increasing the COP value, and having an orderly adjustment function of 0-500, which makes the unit run more smoothly.

With unique anti-freeze protection function, even if the ambient temperature is below 0 °C, the hot water pipeline system can be safely used to avoid ice blockage and cracking, ensuring normal operation of the unit under low temperature conditions.

Winter defrost uses four-way valve reversing plus condensation residual heat technology, and two driving force defrost makes the defrost more thorough. At the same time, the technology has a frost-proof function in winter. Greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the winter unit.

It has a wide operating range and can work all the year round in the ambient temperature range of -25°C to 45°C. It is not affected by bad weather such as rain and rain. It is widely used in cold areas such as the north of the Yangtze River, North China and Northeast China.