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Heat pump household machine - PENGPAI series
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Separation of water and electricity

The system is separated from water and electricity during operation, and the source is turned off to prevent potential safety hazards such as electric leakage and dry burning, and enjoy the bathing life with peace of mind.

Built-in water pump

The main built-in ultra-quiet shielded water pump is heated by the pump for rapid circulation. The process is completed inside the host, which realizes uniform water in the water tank and constant temperature water.

Scheduled appointments

Absorbing energy from the air, free from the influence of rain, wind, floor and other factors, with a timed reservation function to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted supply of hot water, while ensuring a constant water temperature, to prevent the water from getting cold and hot.

Touch screen design

Large LCD touch screen, automatic control, high-end atmosphere, easy operation, low noise and stability. Computerized smart touch, Imagine technology life, easy to control, at your fingertips.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

The whole machine is easy to install, just install the water pipe and electrical parts. No need to connect the refrigerant pipe, the system does not need to be emptied, and the leakage of fluorine is completely eliminated during installation.